**Please remember: everything is handmade and is intended as a photography PROP, therefore children and babies should be supervised. Items are not intended for general wear. Created by Carli is not responsible for user error** 

---How do I wash handmade clothing?

Hand made items are more delicate than shop bought products therefore must be washed gently. I suggest hand washing items with warm water and a small amount of gentle detergent. Then lay flat to dry. If an item of clothing has yarn ties, or delicate details, take extra care. 

---How long will you take to ship my item?

Everything you see in my shop is RTS! So I typically ship within 1-2 business days

---Do you make any larger sizes?

Yes! Some items can be made in a larger size - just ask :)

---Can I place a custom order?

Sometimes, it depends how busy I am at the time. again, just ask!

Fun fact! -- Every Created By Carli order will have a small chocolate heart (for Uk orders) or mints/english candy (overseas) included in their order, as a little thank you from me xx

Thank you! 

Carli xx